Understand the Financial Implications of Nutrition

27 Sep 2018

One of my goals with Dairy Margin Tracker is to make it easier to visualize what is happening in the barn. I believe there is a disconnect between decisions we make as nutritionists and the financial implications for your client.

Think about it, most of recommendations we make are based on our ration software; that is, one cow at our predicted dry matter intake. How often do we look at actual milk sold - feed purchased to verify that our ration change actually succeeded?

The Econ Report

That is why I like this report so much. This is the whole farm IOFC report. All of this data is automatically gathered, no need to hand enter anything. With a quick glance you can see what total income, (that is the whole bar for a given day) has done over time. You can also see how big of a chunk lactating dry and replacement feed cost takes out of total income.

If you are a numbers person, there is a whole grid of numbers you can analyze to your hearts content. If you are a real over-achiever and want this in a spreadsheet, we have a .csv export also.

In addition, feed change notes are included so you can correlate changes you’ve made to what actually happened.

This report and more are available from Dairy Margin Tracker. Try it today!

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