About Dairy Margin Tracker

For years, we have operated Dairy Solutions, LLC as a consultancy to help our customers in Central and Northern Michigan get the most value out of their milk. The usual way we serve our customers is to provide feed rations, along with pricing based on the cost of the feed change. If we can make sure the feed change is justified by greater gains in milk, the change is successful!

Over time, we began to wonder whether there might be something better – what if we could track the margin between milk income and feed cost on a daily basis? Quite a few of our customers expressed interest in looking at daily income over feed cost. So, we though "Hey, this is something we can help with!"

This is why we created Dairy Margin Tracker – to keep an eye on daily income over feed cost, and find out how it's impacted by the actual day to day operations of the farm.

Our Founders

Kelly Bean

Born and raised on an Upper Midwest dairy farm, Kelly has managed mid-sized and large dairy farms for many years. The lifetime of experience was key to his transition into dairy nutrition, and in 2009 he became an independent dairy consultant.

Keegan Bean

As Dairy Solutions, LLC gained momentum, Keegan undertook simplifying and automating many of the consultancy's baseline services. These came together as the prototype for Dairy Margin Tracker.