How Does the Tracker Tool Work?

Dairy Margin Tracker's Tracker Tool uses actual daily farm milk production and component percentages to calculate daily component yield per cow. The component yield graphs can then be used by the farm nutritionist to better track ration performance from a metabolic standpoint.

The Tracker Tool combines the daily component yield with the USDA published value for each component to give you a total daily income.

Then, the tool merges the total daily income with your actual daily feed cost. We get the feed cost from importing your feed management software data, or directly from the Feed Tool.

With Income and with Feed Cost, the Tracker Tool gives you a daily Income Over Feed Cost (IOFC).

You can graph the IOFC data, along with component value, across any time period we have data for. While a single point measurement is nice to see, multi-point measurements over time gives you a realistic picture of your performance.

Learn More about the Tracker Tool

The Features page has more pictures and information about the different graphs, reports, and data exports available.

See the FAQ page if you want to get in depth with how the Tracker Tool is setup and what software it currently works with.

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