Tracker Tool Features

Dairy Margin Tracker's Tracker Tool brings Dairy Farm Management analysis to the web. With a mobile-friendly website, your farm's performance and nutrition information is just an internet connection away.

A dashboard with relevant data from the last two weeks and the process change report provide at-a-glance knowledge. In-depth graphs and data of whole herd and per cow IOFC, fluid and component production provide the deep analysis you need to make informed decisions.

Milk Quality Data from Your Milk Processor

With access to your milk quality data, our software daily pulls in all of your quality data - Milk Lbs, all components, SCC, MUN, PI, and Raw counts.

Collect Feed Cost and Quantity Data

If you have feed management software, we utilize their reporting tools to access feed cost and lbs fed data.

If your feed management utlizes a web format, we can access that. Otherwise, we use a daily report saved into dropbox.

If you do not have feed management software, check out our Feed Tool. We developed the Feed Tool specifically for farms that don't utilize feed management software, but do want to track daily feed cost.

This data is combined into reports and graphs that you and your team can use to better manage your operation.

Daily Production Graphs and Reports

You pick the date range and choose the report:

  • Whole herd fluid and component production
  • Daily per head fluid and component production
  • Daily whole herd IOFC
  • Daily per head IOFC
  • Daily DMI and bulk tank MUN

Process Change Report

You choose a before and after change date range, Dairy Margin Tracker generates a report showing 14 parameters both before and after the change.

CSV Export

For the data geeks out there, we offer a CSV export that contains all the raw data. You choose the date range and Dairy Margin Tracker generates the export file.

Learn More About the Tracker Tool

Need more in depth information about how the tracker tool works?.

Check out the FAQ page or fill out the form on the contact page.

We can answer your questions, provide a demonstration, or get you started on a free trial!

Tracker Tool is just $100.00 per month after that.