Coming Soon - Adifo Integration

BESTMIX formulation software has begun integrating The Feed Tool and Tracker Tool into their Formulation as a Service system.

Adifo NV, part of the Info Support Group since 2017, is a Belgian software provider for nutritional industries. Adifo boasts over 40 years of experience in ration formulation and serves an international client base of over 500 customers in 60 countries. Adifo’s main products, the ERP system MILAS® and formulation software BESTMIX®, are revolutionary solutions that facilitate the job of everyone involved in the food/feed industry, from production to distribution.

Adifo’s BESTMIX® assists with recipe management, formulation and ration calculation for feed, food, pet food and aquafeed. Additionally, BESTMIX® offers several cloud based, award-winning solutions such as the unique ‘MultiAnimalType – MultiModel – MultiUser’ concept. This unique feature combines feed formulation and ration calculation into one single tool.

By entering into a partnership with Dairy Margin Tracker, Adifo is able to further close the loop between premix/feed companies, feed advisors and farmers. By integrating Dairy Margin Tracker into its BESTMIX® solution, Adifo is able to offer an even more complete solution to all parties in the nutritional industry.

Feed Tool

Our Clients Say

To me, the main advantage of using the feed tool is allowing us to be able to make changes now, instead of having to go into the actual computer in the office and take a bunch of samples.

It allows things to be quicker. It allows for things to stay consistent.

Which, any feed man will know, consistency allows for the greatest amount of production.

- Sam Barnes, Feeder

Sure has simplified my life

- Kurt Brinks