Simple Feed Management Software

Tired of printed feed sheets?

Are your feed changes haphazard and hard to track?

Does changing the dry matter of forage require a trip back into the office?

Is your feed management software too expensive or complex?

The Feed Tool Solves your Feed Management Problems

With a simple web interface that works great on mobile, you can update dry matter, create feed sheets, and communicate changes from your phone, tablet, or computer.

The Feed Tool also provides you with reports on feed usage and cost. If you use the Tracker Tool, your data feeds directly into the IOFC reports. Make notes on your recipe changes or feedings, then use the Process Change Report to see a before and after view of your dairy production.

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Feed Tool

Our Clients Say

To me, the main advantage of using the feed tool is allowing us to be able to make changes now, instead of having to go into the actual computer in the office and take a bunch of samples.

It allows things to be quicker. It allows for things to stay consistent.

Which, any feed man will know, consistency allows for the greatest amount of production.

- Sam Barnes, Feeder

Sure has simplified my life

- Kurt Brinks