Improving your Dairy Farm Management

Dairy Margin Tracker is a suite of web-based dairy farm management tools. It consists of two tools: the Tracker Tool™ and the Feed Tool™.

Your Dairy Farm has multiple inputs and one very important output. With the Tracker Tool, Dairy Margin Tracker gives you a complete day-to-day picture of your farm's performance and profitability. The Feed Tool gives you full control over the inputs that go into the process.

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Current Monitoring Limitations

There is a lot of data to keep track of on your dairy farm. You currently depend on a number of tools and experts to help you monitor your farm and make the right decisions. But that jumbled mess of tools wastes valuable time and may not tell the whole story.

  • Common profit evaluation methods have limitations
  • Pulling data from different systems and comparing it over time takes too much effort.
  • Feeding process communication is cumbersome or non-existent

The Tracker Tool Streamlines Dairy Farm Management

The Tracker Tool syncs your feed software with your milk lab analysis, and provides you with graphs and reports to track your profitability.

  • Income over Feed Cost (IOFC) analysis, so you see the real effect of your feed changes.
  • Automatically retrieves data from your feed software, or the Dairy Margin Tracker Feed Tool, and grabs data from your Milk Lab. Your team continues to use the same tools, while Dairy Margin Tracker interfaces with them and reports back in an easy to understand, actionable format.
  • The Feed Tool provides a web-based tool to immediately communicate feed changes, feed costs, and daily rations.

Measure and Improve your Dairy Farm Today!

Both the Tracker Tool and the Feed Tool comes with a free trial. While you can sign up and get started immediately with the Feed Tool, the Tracker Tool does take some setup.

If you're interested in the Tracker Tool, contact us and we'll get back to you with more information right away. Or, read more in the Tracker Tool section.

For the Feed Tool, sign up today and get started. There's no commitment and we take no billing information up front. Read more about the Feed Tool here, or ask for a demo by contacting us.