Frequently Asked Questions

We are convinced that most of the answers you need in order to manage your dairy farm can be found fairly simply. In fact, most the information has already been gathered by other key pieces of software on your farm. Dairy Margin Tracker brings it all together and makes it accessable to your team automatically.

Check out this graph from a farm using DMT.

And if you want to check that feed change directly, you will see this report.

Note that with this feed change, milk/cow and dry matter intake both fell. onventional wisdom is "Whoa- we have to change something right now" The reality was, in this case IOFC improved.

With Dairy Margin Tracker you can feed change profitability by directly examining component based milk production. Dairy Margin Tracker also saves your milk lab results so you can easily monitor component production over time.

When possible, we like to get the reports using the scheduler built into some herd and feed management programs. We have a standard report for each type of software. Otherwise, the reports will have to be produced manually. Once the reports are made, Dairy Margin Tracker crunches them and presents the results.

Currently, the Tracker Tool tracks daily butterfat, protein, and milk yield on the herd gross. When possible, Dairy Margin Tracker will present production on the herd average per cow.

The Tracker Tool presents the production and IOFC results in numerical charts, and displays them visually in graphs for total production, production per head, and IOFC per head.

Below are some examples of the current graphs that are available; note that the numbered annotations contain feed change explanations that have taken place on farm. This makes it easy to track whether or not a change was successful.

Tracker Tool - $100.00 / month

Feed Tool - $50.00 / month

We email invoices monthly, or can set up a recurring credit card payment.

Send us an email or give us a call at 517.605.7278 to get started. It's pretty simple. We will need to find out what other software you are using, and which milk lab. Also some details on how your milk is picked up will be helpful. Every farm is just a little different. Give us a call.