Monitor Nutrition and Financial Performance

Dairy Margin Tracker's Tracker Tool allows you to automate the collection and reporting of Nutrition and Financial data. Using the web, you can call up the data immediately to track your day-to-day performance over time and monitor feed changes to see how they affected that performance.

Current Dairy Farm Management Tools Aren't Enough

  • Your feed management software and your milk lab don't talk to each other. Collating the data takes time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Common Methods to evaluate performance are limited.

Why Common Methods to Evaluate Performance are Limited

  • Milk Pounds produced is easy to understand, but not useful. You don't get paid on pounds of milk.
  • Fat Corrected Milk - monitors butterfat (BF) produced against a baseline, but does not take into account protein production or feed cost. The calculation here is based on calories in BF, but does not tie back to revenue.
  • Energy Correct Milk - monitors butterfat (BF) and protein (P) produced against a baseline, but does not factor in feed cost. The calculation is based on calories in BF and P, but does not tie back to revenue.
  • Revenue Corrected Milk - this is a better option as it does multiply the pounds of components against the value of the components. However, it does not include feed cost and relies on standard factors to get to a simple pounds per day value.

How does the Tracker Tool help?

The Tracker Tool works with your current software stack. You continue to use your current milk lab and feed management software. (Don't have feed software? Check out our Feed Tool)

With a bit of setup, the Tracker Tool integrates with your milk lab and feed management software. We process the data daily, and you get graphs and reports that you can use to make informed decisions.

Instead of milk pounds or the other methods mentioned above, the Tracker Tool utilizes Income Over Feed Cost (IOFC). Because we can see both your feed costs and your milk components, we can merge this into income, feed cost, and show the profit you made.

By viewing this over time, you gain a realistic picture of your performance. Then compare it against specific feed changes to see how successful the change was or know to go back to the drawing board.

Learn More about the Tracker Tool

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