Answering Hard Questions

25 Oct 2017

One of the primary purposes of Dairy Margin Tracker is answering questions with hard numbers from your farm. For example, it's great to figure out that your last feed change made money.

Figuring out how much money the change made is even better.

To answer this question, Dairy Margin Tracker developed the Process Change Report. Below is an example of a feed change I made at a farm recently. In this case, we moved from a dry sugar source in our mix, to a liquid source on the farm. Some back of the napkin math showed it should save about $0.20/hd/day.

Note that I highlighted feed cost and IOFC in the Process Change Report. In this example, we saved $0.31/hd/day in feed cost, with no change anywhere else. We also increased IOFC from $7.99 to $8.32.

At Dairy Margin Tracker, not only do we make it easy to track what matters, we make it easy to spot changes.

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